1. Can fashion jewelry inlay with health element?

Yes, all jewelry can inlay with health element expect some individual styles. However,price will be changed a little.


2. Will the purchase quantity affect the unit price?

Yes,if the quantity reached a certain number, you will get a discount from us.


3. Can i engrave with our own logo?

Yes, we can help you to do this with your logo drawing.


4. Can i choose mix health element?

Yes, there are 6 health elements, please check “HEALTH ELEMENT”.You can mix the element you want.


5. How to pay?

After you choosed the jewelry, call us or email us. We will contact with your for details as soon as possible.


6. How Often Should I Replace My Magnetic Bracelet?

Ideally your bracelet should last a long time due to using strong, durable materials in the production of them.

Though sometimes damage can be inevitable and if high level impacts such as a drop from a considerable height can demagnetise a bracelet, even if the bracelet is fully intact-due to the sudden burst of energy disturbing its magnetic alignment.


7. Can I Use Magnetic Bracelets If I Have A Pacemaker?

NEVER use magnetic bracelets if you have a pacemaker or any type of electronic medical device.Though there are certain situations where we strongly advise not to wear a magnetic bracelet, when the user is pregnant or in use of a pacemaker or any other electronic medical device.


8.Can I Wear My Bracelet Everyday?

It is advised to wear the bracelet as much as possible, it has also been designed to be highly durable and super lightweight for ease of daily wear.


9.How Do I Clean My Magnetic Bracelet?

Keep clean and wipe with a damp cloth.


10.Can I expose my bracelet to water?

These types of bracelets are not waterproof, but to a certain degree they are water resistant. The main area of potential water threat are the plating (if it has gold or silver) and the magnets which can possibly rust. Our magnets are capped and then coated with resin, which protects them, but with repeated water exposure over time, it is possible that water can get in, it could be in 6 months or it could be in a few years depending on use. Having said that a lot of customers take the risk and use them in the shower as they find it more practical to keep them on. Its a personal decision,but water will degrade the bracelet over time.


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